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Nested Knowledge is transforming the methods used in systematic review by enabling medical researchers to complete search, screening, tagging, and data gathering and visualization through a single “full-lifecycle” software. Nested Knowledge was founded based on the clear need for an interactive, updatable, cloud-based platform for medical professionals to access, compare, and query published medical data.

Nested Knowledge Collaborations

Our Collaborations were created to align the research goals of scientists and physicians with the development goals of Nested Knowledge.

Thus, the aims of Collaborations are:

  • Enable researchers to publish systematic reviews and meta-analyses with novel visuals: collaborators use our software both to accelerate the research process and to supplement manuscripts with interactive visualizations.
  • Establish best practices for medical meta-analysis: We discuss best review practices with collaborators and create features that match these practices.
  • Obtain user feedback: As we continue to improve our software, the Collaborations provide a natural mechanism for our developers to connect with and learn from researchers.

The Collaborations are led entirely by external researchers, and Nested Knowledge personnel are involved as needed in research, support, review, and technical tasks.

Our Process

We collaborate with physicians from around the world who establish research groups to review medical literature (and who use our software to complete the projects). Typically, Collaborators host weekly calls with specialized groups that choose topics; then guide researchers through the software and assist with manuscript preparation, with Nested Knowledge team members invited to the calls and added to the nests of interest.


Nested Knowledge is an innovative and first of its kind meta-analytical software which was designed keeping in mind the medical scientists of today. It is an efficient tool which will help future scientists to bridge the gap of modernizing the synthesis of published literature in a more structured manner.“

- Research Collaborator, COVID-19 Collaboration

With the success of my pilot project and continual advancements made by the Nested Knowledge team, I plan to use their platform for all future research in COVID-19 and Hematology – Oncology needs.”

- Research Collaborator, Hematology/Oncology Collaboration

“I utilized Nested Knowledge to address some of the research questions I had formulated regarding COVID-19. It helped me systematically review various risk factors and outcomes in patients with severe acute respiratory distress syndrome in COVID-19.”

- Research Collaborator, COVID-19 Collaboration

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