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Critical Appraisal Visuals

Nested Knowledge automatically generates your Domain Distribution and Traffic Light diagrams if you complete Critical Appraisal through our AutoLit Critical Appraisal module.

Critical Appraisal visuals are found on the Synthesis page, at the bottom of the Contributors column:

Domain Distribution Diagram

Once you have navigated to the visuals, you can see the Domain Distribution plots. The categories presented will depend on the Critical Appraisal survey you completed; in the visual below, see the Cochrane RoB2 tool's outputs for Internal Validity and Overall Assessment of risk. These represent global assessments across a nest, rather than study-level outputs.

Traffic Light Diagram

Traffic Light diagrams represent study-by-study assessments, where each column is a study-level assessment of the category in question (here, the Internal Validity and Overall Assessment from Cochrane RoB2 tool's survey.

The study Author/Year (red box) is clickable, opening the Study Modal showing the abstract, data, tags, and search history for the study in question.

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