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Nest Protocol


The Nest Protocol outlines the goal, scope, and key tasks of your systematic literature review or meta-analysis. In it, the project leadership should provide critical background information, the context of the review, and primary and secondary endpoints.

Accessing the Protocol Editor

The Protocol can be viewed and edited from the Nest Home.

1. Open Nest Home and select edit.

Write the Protocol

Add headers, bullet points, and bold font. There is no one-size-fits all formula for a protocol! The goal of a 'best practices' protocol should be: enable someone unfamiliar with the project to carry out any of the Search, Screening, Tagging, Extraction, or interpretive tasks in your project in the same way that you, as project lead, would do.

Linking to External Resources

You can link to any external resource by highlighting relevant text and then selecting the “link” icon!

Organizational Protocol Templates

If your Organization has created Protocol Templates, you can import them by clicking the three dots and then click “Templates” in the upper right hand corner.

To see instructions on how to create Organizational Templates, see here.

Protocol Best Practices

To see general practice recommendations on protocol drafting (and a generic template), see Protocol Best Practices.

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