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Pilots and Subscriptions

Firstly, thank you for supporting Nested Knowledge. We hope this page will help you get set up with a pilot of the software and/or subscription.

Starting a Pilot Trial of Nested Knowledge

Piloting allows your organization to test out all the features on offer within Nested Knowledge at the academic or business level for a period of 30 days and/or at the enterprise level tier for a period of 60 days. See below for an overview of what each tier has to offer:

This overview of features can also be accessed on our Pricing page, as well as Your Subscriptions page.

Creating an Organization

In order to start your organization pilot, you must first create an account and then an organization. To create an account, head to our main page and click Sign Up. Follow the instructions and see here for further assistance.

To create an organization, after signing in, navigate to Organizations and click “Add New.” See here for further instructions on creating and managing your organization.

Currently, we do not offer individual pilot trials. If you wish to pilot, please create an organization and, as appropriate, add organization collaborators.

Start your Organization Pilot

Once your organization is created and collaborators are successfully invited to the organization, you're ready to start your pilot. You can do so via your Subscriptions page:

Ensure “Organization” is toggled, select your organization from the list and click “Start Pilot.”

Alternatively, this can also be done via Organization Details –> Subscription within your Organizations page:

Assign Pilot Type

Next, you will be shown a modal to assign the type of pilot you wish to trial.

Currently, only academic and business level pilots are available to self-pilot. If you wish to pilot on the enterprise-level, please contact us to get the applicable training sessions setup.

Unless you are an academic institution, for which you may view our Academic Tier Qualification page, please select “Other” pilot type to proceed with a business level pilot.

Your Pilot Starts Immediately

After selecting “Start ___ Pilot” your trial will begin immediately. You will also be prompted again to add collaborators to your organization to make the most of the software.

Checking in on your Pilot

At any time during your pilot, you can return to your Subscriptions page to check the time remaining on your pilot and view the Tier and Active status:

Similarly this may also be viewed in Organization Details:

You will have full access to the software until your pilot expires.

Subscribing to Nested Knowledge

Whether you had a chance to explore the software via a free account or pilot trial, you may purchase a subscription of any tier online.

You can do so via the same means as starting a pilot: navigating to your Subscriptions page, selecting your organization, and clicking “Purchase Subscription.”

Note: you do not need to have started a pilot trial to purchase a subscription.

Select Subscription

If not auto-selected, select the appropriate subscription, accept the T&Cs and “Checkout.” Please note that organization subscriptions are billed monthly and may be canceled any time. You will be billed for every user currently in the organization. Users added and removed from the organization will be prorated. Your subscription will be effective upon payment. Academic tier will be subject to review, see qualifications. If you have any questions about which subscription is appropriate for you, please contact us:

Stripe Checkout

You will be taken to an external checkout page to fill in your payment details. Once you do so, your account will be subscribed automatically. If you prefer alternatives means (i.e. signing a contract) please contact us with your information and we will provide you with what you need. Similarly, if you run into any issues, please contact support.

Thanks again for choosing Nested Knowledge, happy researching!

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