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Next, is the Tagging module. Here, you can build a customized tag hierarchy of concepts of interest, and then apply these tags to records in your nest to extract qualitative data. The hierarchy you build is specific to your nest, and should reflect the qualitative information you want to present.

The key output of the Tagging is Qualitative Synthesis.

Configure Tagging

  • Learn how to configure the tag hierarchy before applying tags to a record.
  • There are two Tagging modes: Form-based and Standard modes
    • Form-based (default) = Configure your tags to be displayed as a form of questions to answer in order to collect data as well as standard tags (below)
    • Standard = Configure your tags to be displayed in a dropdown to select as applicable in order to collect data only

Note: Your tag hierarchy is also used as the basis for configuring Data Elements and Interventions for Meta-Analytical Extraction, if you choose to collect quantitative data too. It may be beneficial to learn how Meta-Analytical Extraction Configuration works to inform your configuration activities.

Import a Tag Hierarchy template

Edit the Tag Hierarchy

Tag Individual Studies

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