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Qualitative Synthesis

Qualitative Synthesis presents the results of your Tagging in an interactive visual. You can use it to drill down on the qualitative content of underlying studies, and it should be used in combination with the screening outputs on the PRISMA diagram and the meta-analytical results displayed in Quantitative Synthesis.

From the Nest menu, click on “Synthesis” in the left hand menu.


Click on the “Qualitative Synthesis” box.


3. Explore Sunburst View

Sunburst is an interactive feature that allows you to explore all tags within a Nest. Explore using the following functions:

  • Click on Sunburst segments: To filter the list of Associated Studies (red brackets) on the right, click any segment of the Sunburst diagram. If you select multiple segments, the filters will be stacked– that is, only records with BOTH tags applied will be presented in the study list.
    • Clearing selection: You can clear all tags selected by clicking “Clear Selection” in the upper left.
    • Frequently Co-occuring Tags: First red arrow above. Once you select segment(s), a list of the most commonly-occurring tags will automatically pop up under Tag Search.
    • View Tag Statistics: Second red arrow above. The Tag Statistics box shows the number of studies associated with the most recently selected tag, as well as that tag & its descendants.
    • View Excerpts: Toggle from Tag Statistics to Excerpts (red arrow pointing left) to see the tag text excerpts associated with studies based on your most recently selected tag.
  • Use Tag Search: Alternatively, if you cannot find the tag you want to filter by, use the Tag Search (upper right) to select the segment of interest.
    • Note: Tag Search is located in the upper right, under “Tag Name” (black arrow). Once a tag is selected, as is shown in this image, the Tag Search menu displays the most recently selected tag.
  • Zoom: Black outline: Use the “-” and “+” buttons next to Zoom in the upper right to zoom in on any section of the Sunburst; you can then use the scroll bars or click-and-drag to move the diagram around. Once you begin zooming, the “Zoom” button will become a “Reset” button.

Share or Embed

  • Share: In the upper right, the “Share” button enables you to either:
    • Link Share: Create a link to the Qualitative Synthesis page.
      • Note: The link will be accessible to anyone if you have configured the Nest as Public; if not, it will only be accessible to those with Synthesis access.
    • Embed: Copy this code out to embed your Qualitative Synthesis page in another web page.

4. Explore Dendrogram View

To toggle to Dendrogram view, click the “Dendrogram” button and you will see the tags broken down into the tagging hierarchy, instead of the sunburst layout.

This is an additional visual option to present the tags, which is filterable in the same manner as the Sunburst (by clicking on nodes).


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