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AutoLit and Synthesis are developed and tested on Chrome, FireFox, and Edge browsers. Any display or functional issues in these browsers can be reported (we really appreciate it!). Other common browsers, such as Safari, while not officially supported, are expected to function.

Internet Explorer, which is slated for EOL in Summer 2022, is not a supported browser, and NK may have display and functional problems on it. It is recommended to avoid IE.



All Synthesis pages should render nicely on mobile browsers.


Currently, we are improving the mobile version to make your experience smoother. Track our progress on mobile AutoLit.

To get the most out of AutoLit, we recommend the desktop version. However, we understand that research happens in motion: on commutes, at lunch breaks, and in-between shifts. While mobile AutoLit does not have full-site functionality, our app supports reference screening and other basic review functions.

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