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When you are performing your literature review, it is often useful to be able to quickly grab references from other papers on your subject of interest. Bibliomining, or citation mining, refers to the act of identifying relevant studies by reviewing and importing the citation list of a study with high relevance to your research question.

2. Switch to the bibliomine tab

3. Upload file

Upload a PDF of the study containing the reference you want to bibliomine. Generally, you should bibliomine from existing Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses on your topic of interest. It may take a few minutes to run.

At this point, your records will still require review before being added to your nest!

4. View Bibliomined References

When finished, your references will still Require Review! In this step, you should examine the bibliographic data (Title, author information, PMID/DOI if present); since this process involves pulling text from PDFs, there is a chance that the bibliographic data are incorrect.

Select the eye icon to view the references pulled from the uploaded study.

You can review the PDF of a previously bibliomed manuscript by clicking on the link in the file column of the bibliomine tab. A PDF of the bibliomined review will download automatically. This is helpful if you want to see the full text of a document someone else bibliomined!

5. Review Reference Information

Clicking the eye icon will open a page displaying title, abstract, PMID/DOI/link, allowing you to select (and deselect) references you'd like to send to screening.

For any reference that is incomplete or incorrectly recognized in the underlying PDF, select the “x” to delete. For example, if an incomplete title is saved or a blank row has been inserted, deselect those references before sending to screening.

You can still add any of these references manually, but ensure that you have removed any incorrect citation information before selecting “Send to Screening.”

Bibliographic Data

For records with a PMID or DOI, the bibliographic data will be automatically imported. Otherwise, you will likely need to edit the record's bibliographic data during the Screening process; we provide a Google Scholar link where possible to help you find the record, but the bibliographic data in AutoLit are based on what was reported in the underlying PDF.

Send to Screening

When you have finished viewing and editing the references from a PDF, select “Send to Screening” from the main Biblio-mine page to queue all studies for Screening. This step is irreversible, so do not press Send to Screening until you have finalized the references you would like to import!

Q. What if the uploaded Systematic Review reports the included trials in a supplementary appendix or a table only?

A. The biblio-mining tool depends on being able to recognize a consistent format for references in the uploaded article's bibliography. Materials found only in tables or supplementary resources will not be identified, and formats not supported by the biblio-mining tool may need to be manually removed before finalizing your list of studies to be queued.

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