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Nest Settings

The Settings page allows you to create and edit a nest description and nest protocol, as well as manage User Keywords. All users with access to a nest can view its Settings page.

For settings that only Admins and Owners can access or edit, see Admin instructions.

1. Protocol Editor

When you click on the Protocol Editor, it takes you to a blank page where you can create a nest protocol.

The Nest Protocol helps all users of the nest remain focused on the goals of nest by listing key points and objectives. What you write in the Nest Protocol will appear in the Nest Home (which you can click on from anywhere in the nest) and the Synthesis Home.

2. Synthesis

In the Synthesis section, you will find the Nest Description, Synthesis output display options, a public view option, and a place to upload a manuscript PDF.

Nest Description

What you write in the Nest Description appears on the Nest Home (shown above) and on Synthesis Home (shown below). This can function as a brief overview of your study design, as a full Abstract to accompany your Manuscript, or for any other information that you want to display publicly on your nest's Synthesis.

Admin Configurations

As a nest Owner or Admin, you can manage user permissions, configure screening mode, select a Risk of Bias system, and rename or delete a nest. To access the admin page, you must be the nest owner OR an existing nest admin must grant you permissions.

See Admin instructions.

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