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Critical Appraisal (previously named Risk of Bias)


Evaluate the quality of evidence of included cohort studies or controlled trials.

We are currently in the process of transitioning our module names with the goal of making the AutoLit workflow easier to understand for first-time users.

Extraction is now Meta-Analytical Extraction, and Risk of Bias is now Critical Appraisal.

Bear with us as we edit our documentation (don't worry, no feature functionality has changed!) and, as always, contact us at if you have any questions.

Configure Critical Appraisal

From administrative settings, select the Critical Appraisal system of choice.

Choose Scope

Perform Critical Appraisal the study level:


choose individual outcomes:

Note: outcomes have to configured as Data Elements in MA Extraction before Critical Appraisal.

Start Critical Appraisal

After selecting the system and scope, reviewers can begin performing critical appraisal. You may need to refresh. Once the page reloads, Critical Appraisal will appear in the navigation menu above Study Inspector.

Read study and select study type

Depending on the selected Critical Appraisal system, select the study type to begin assessment. Depending on the selection, the assessment will change accordingly.

Assess study bias

Fill out the questions as you read through the uploaded study.

You can monitor your progress, skip studies (and return to them later), and leave comments!

Note: Anytime there is a module box with the adjustable icon, you can drag to adjust the width of the box depending on your preference.

Critical Appraisal Visuals

By completing Critical Appraisal, you automatically generate Critical Appraisal visuals: Domain Distribution and Stoplight diagrams on Synthesis.

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