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Demo Nests

Want to try out Nested Knowledge, but don't have a research question in mind? Don't want to make an upfront time investment building a nest? No problem, see how both AutoLit and Synthesis work from complete examples! The below links are walkthroughs of demos you may open from your AutoLit Home.

COVID-19: Anti-virals

  • Our COVID-19: Antivirals nest was published in BMC Infectious Disease in January 2022. You can use a copy of the nest to practice searching the COVID-19 literature.

Osteoarthritis: Tanezumab

  • Our Osteoarthritis: Tanezumab nest examines the safety and efficacy of different doses of Tanezumab, a therapeutic that recently underwent FDA scrutiny for adverse events in high dose ranges.

Heart Failure: ACE Inhibitors & ARBs

  • Recent advances in ARBs, a new class of drug for heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, inspoired our Heart Failure: ACE Inhibitors & ARBs nest. Here, we compare the more conventional drug class (ACE Inhibitors) against ARBs.
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