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Citing Nested Knowledge

Cite a specific nest

Where possible, use the following to cite a specific nest:

  • In text: We utilized AutoLit (Nested Knowledge, MN) to execute our {select from: Search, Screening, Tagging, Extraction}.
  • In references/bibliography: [Author 1 Last Name Initial], [Author 2 Last Name Initial], [Author 3 Last Name Initial], et al. [Nest Name]. Nested Knowledge. link to nest. Access Date.

For example:

As journals require, you may need to change the formatting of the above, but the content–nest title, Nested Knowledge name, link to nest, and date–should be included for full transparency.

In Text Citations

We recommend referencing use of Nested Knowledge in the methods of your review for transparency. The following examples statement can be modified and incorporated into your review:

  • We performed this study using a novel semi-automated software platform (AutoLit, Nested Knowledge, St. Paul, MN)
  • Before formal statistical analyses, we used the AutoLit automated data analysis feature to visually summarize potentially significant findings (Nested Knowledge, St. Paul, MN).
  • The Nested Knowledge AutoLit living review platform was utilized to identify randomized control trials published between [2010 and 2021] reporting [describe findings]
  • Detailed results of our study search, screening, and data extraction process are hosted on the Nested Knowledge website [x].
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