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Systematic Review Guide

This guide provides instructions and tips on best practices for conducting systematic reviews. The information presented in this guide applies to reviews conducted with or without Nested Knowledge.

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1. What Are Systematic Reviews?

A systematic review is a summary of medical literature related to a particular research question.

2. Planning a Review

You will want to carefully plan your systematic review. Mainly, is this review feasible to complete? Should you register your protocol?

3. Conduct Review

Use the Nested Knowledge software to conduct a systematic review or use external methods.

4. Quality Control

Quality control is necessary to ensure that your extracted data are accurate and your included studies are all high quality.

5. Find a Journal

When thinking about writing the manuscript, you must find a target journal that is likely to accept your manuscript.

6. Write the Manuscript

Begin writing up your introduction, abstract, methods, results, and discussion sections of the manuscript.

7. Format Manuscript

All journals have formatting requirements before you can submit your materials for possible publication.

8. Submit Manuscript

The final step in conducting a systematic review is to Tips for Submitting Your Manuscript your completed and QC'ed manuscript to the target journal.

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