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Getting Started

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Create a new Nest

Nests are the Nested Knowledge term for an updatable, collaborative review project. From the AutoLit Home page (which lists all nests to which you have access), click the “Create a New Nest” button to start your first project!

Practice in a Demo

If you would prefer to practice in a nearly-complete project to guide you on nest building, you can see how here.

Name your Nest

You can choose any name for your nest, but we recommend noting a subset of: the Population, Disease, Intervention(s), interested parties, and/or other unique identifier(s).

Your nest will not have any records until you add a Search, Import studies in bulk, or Add studies individually.

Optional: Complete Search Exploration

You can construct Boolean queries directly in the search page, but if you want assistance in building your query, start in Search Exploration. There, you can enter any terms of interest and expand on your initial ideas based on AI recommendations of additional terms and review of candidate studies, followed by automatic query construction.

Add Users and Organizations

To invite collaborators to your nest, add other users and/or organizations, Learn how to manage users and manage organizations.

Next Steps

Not sure what to do next? Check your Nest Settings to ensure you have configured your research project to your preferences, draft a Nest Protocol to reflect your study design. Then, if you have added a Literature Search, move on to Screening studies!

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