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Create a new Nest

Nests are the Nested Knowledge term for an updatable, collaborative review project. As a first-time user, you have the option to create a new nest that is guided or a standard demo nest:

After creating your first nest, anytime you return to the AutoLit Home page, it will list all nests to which you have access and you can create a new nest on the left hand side:

Practice in a Demo

If you would prefer to practice in a nearly-complete project to guide you on nest building, you can see how here.

Name your Nest

You can choose any name for your nest, but we recommend noting a subset of: the Population, Disease, Intervention(s), interested parties, and/or other unique identifier(s).

A Guided Nest

If you choose to create a guided nest, a modal will be displayed and prompts you brainstorm ideas for each part of the literature review. Don't worry, it's all preliminary and can be edited in each corresponding section after exiting this modal!

Starting Out with a Empty Nest

If you choose to create an unguided nest, don't be alarmed, you will be met with an empty nest:

Here, you have several options and resources accessible to you:

Add a Protocol

In the Nest Home module, you can add a protocol by clicking “Edit” in the Protocol section in the main screen.

Your nest will not have any records until you add a Search, Import studies in bulk, Add studies individually, or Bibliomine an existing paper.

Optional: Complete Search Exploration

You can construct Boolean queries directly in the search page, but if you want assistance in building your query, start in Search Exploration. There, you can enter any terms of interest and expand on your initial ideas based on AI recommendations of additional terms and review of candidate studies, followed by automatic query construction.

Add Users and Organizations

To invite collaborators to your nest, add other users and/or organizations, Learn how to manage users and manage organizations.

Tips and Documentation

The icons are there to provide you with:

  • Lightbulb: specific tips in each section, and
  • Question Mark:link-out to the relevant Documentation page.

Next Steps

Not sure what to do next? Check your Nest Settings to ensure you have configured your research project to your preferences. Then, if you have added a Literature Search, move on to Screening studies!

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