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AutoLit® is Nested Knowledge's platform for performing a review. On AutoLit, you can Search for records, Screen out records that are not relevant to your research, and Extract relevant qualitative data using tags.

Additionally, other features include Meta-Analytical Extraction to extract quantitative data, and Manuscript Editorto compile your evidence. For more information and a brief overview of the AutoLit tool, explore the pages below!

When completing a review on AutoLit, you will automatically generate the interactive, data-driven visuals presented in Synthesis.

Getting Started

  • See our Getting Started page to find a walk-through of the tasks to start a “Nest” (a Nested Knowledge term for an interactive, updatable review in AutoLit).
  • Want to try out the software in an already-existing project? See our Demos, which you can edit and practice in!

The AutoLit Workflow

By creating a review in AutoLit, you automatically create interactive, visual outputs on Synthesis. To see the connections between the AutoLit tasks and Synthesis outputs, see the figure below:

AutoLit Home

Any nest that you create, as well as any nest that is shared with you or your organization, will be listed on your AutoLit Home page.



Other Resources

Systematic reviews are complicated! Here are some further resources to help with your study design and nest building:

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