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This page describes how to view and interpret the Manuscript output in Synthesis. To learn how to use the Manuscript Editor in AutoLit, click here.

After entering Synthesis, select “Manuscript”:

2. Interacting with Manuscript

Manuscript is not editable from the Synthesis view. However, you can still do the following:

Use the Table of Contents

Select “Show Table of Contents” to open the Table of Contents (red outline), which allows you to navigate to any section by selecting it.

View the References panel

To view the full list of References related to a Manuscript, click the “References” panel at the bottom of the page (red box in the above image).

To view the specific Reference information related to an in-text citation, click the blue text for the citation. This will open the References panel and auto-scroll to the reference of interest.

Download Manuscript

To download the manuscript as a word document, navigate to the three dots icon and select Download.

3. How does this differ from a Publication?

Note: the Manuscript feature is meant to provide an environment for drafting background, methods, textual/descriptive outcomes, and discussion. Synthesis, as the page for viewing and interpreting results of a review and meta-analysis, is shareable for the purposes of review of the outputs, whether to get feedback or to support shareable reports.

Manuscript does not represent an academic publication, as it is not peer reviewed, is presented directly by the authors, and is not indexed. We recommend that any manuscript that is meant for academic publication be left on a private Synthesis page until after submission to an appropriate journal.

Filtering Synthesis

While Synthesis Filters are unavailable for Dashboard & Manuscript, they can be applied to all other parts of Synthesis. Learn more about Synthesis Filters.

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