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Using Form-based Tagging

If Form-based mode is enabled, the Questions will be available for answer in the right panel (red box); the Question under review has a light blue background, and all Questions should either be answered or marked “Not Relevant”.

All tags can still be added to the study using Standard Tagging by expanding the Tagging panel (red arrow above).

Answering Questions

By adding Answers, you are applying the underlying tag, with the tag content serving as the evidence that the correct Answer(s) have been added. The method of Answering depends on the type of Question, but for all Question types, the tags applied will populate the Qualitative Synthesis in the same manner as Standard Tagging.

Note: Tag Recommendations are not available for Form-based Tagging mode.

Question Type-specific Answers

For each Question in the list, complete the following actions based on the type of Question:

  • Single Select: Apply one child tag that answers the pre-configured questions. To do so, select one of the tags from the drop-down, and then highlight or select an Excerpt.

  • Multi-Select: Any of the child tags can be an answer, so you can apply as many tags from the drop-down as are applicable to the study. When all relevant child tags are added, select “Next” to mark the Question complete.

  • Single Apply: The tag under review is either applied to the study (select “Apply”) or marked irrelevant. No child tags are added!

Whenever a Question has no relevant answers, select “Not Relevant” to move to the next Question.

What Answering a Question does

When a Question is finished (Applied or, for Multi-Select, when you select “Next”), or when the Question is marked Not Relevant, the count of completed Questions at the top of the right panel will update.

When all Questions are finished, you can either add tags using the Standard method (by opening the Tagging panel), or you can move to the next study by selecting “Complete” in the upper right-hand corner.

Question Search and Answer Status

You can search for a specific tag and its associated question anytime using the search bar and dropdown. Clicking on your desired option will take you directly to that question.

Once you begin answering questions, the status of these answers will be displayed next to tags in this same dropdown.

Answer Status Key:

  • No Circle = Question is unanswered
  • Hollow Circle = Question assigned as “Not Relevant”
  • Filled Circle = Question is answered with tag applied

In the below example, Publication Type was deemed not relevant, Number of patients using device was answered with tag applied, Objective (as well as the rest of the questions) were unanswered.

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