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Configure Questions for Form-based Tagging

Before Configuring Questions, make sure that you turn on Form-based Tagging under Settings.

Configure Tags

To draft Questions, you need to build out your tag hierarchy. You should keep in mind what tags will be Questions and which will be answers.

Configure Questions

Every Question that you create will be presented to users during the Tagging stage, in order of (in the hierarchy) left to right.

NOTE: Once a Tag has been configured as a Question, none of its child tags can be configured as a Question (unless you revert the Tag in question).

How to create a Question

To turn a Tag in to a Question, head to Configure Tagging, click on your chosen tag, and select a Question Type from the drop-down below the tag title:

Question Types

You have the following options for Question types:

  • Single Select: One of the child (or grandchild or lower) tags can be an answer,
  • Multi-Select: Any of the child (or grandchild or lower) tags can be an answer, or
  • Single Apply: The tag in question is either present or absent.

Generally, it is best to add a full/descriptive question (such as, if you had a tag called Study Type, type out the question “What was the study type of the article?” in the Question box).

Answer Options for Tagging

All child tags of a Question will be available as answers to Single Select and Multi-Select Questions. For Single Apply questions, the Question tag will be the only answer option.

Example Questions of each type

Example Single Select question:

  • Tag Name: Study Type
  • Question: What was the Study Type?
  • Answers (child tags): Randomized Controlled Trial, Prospective Cohort Study, Retrospective Study

Example Multi-Select question:

  • Tag Name: Comorbidities
  • Question: What comorbidities were reported in the patient population?
  • Answers (child tags): Diabetes, Hypertension, Chronic Kidney Disease

Example Single Apply question:

  • Tag Name: Core lab adjudicated
  • Question: Was the imaging adjudicated at a core lab, and if so, which lab?
  • Answer (not child tags, the answer will be reflected by the tag text): Tag Text/Excerpt from the underlying study. Absence of an answer means the Tag is not present in the study.

Reordering Tags/Questions

In the Tagging module, questions will be shown in the order they appear in the tag hierarchy (from left to right). See instructions on how to Reorder Tags.

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