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Ask AI

Ask AI is Nested Knowledge's Chat Bot designed specifically for users to get the support and training needed when using the software. The chat bot sources its information directly from this site, and will cite its sources appropriately for users to delve into further.

How to Use Ask AI

On any page within an open nest, you will see an “Ask AI” button in the top right (circled in red).

This will up a modal where you can type in your questions in the “Ask me anything” text box to start or, if you simply want to view our general instructional page for that module, you can click the link under “Further Reading.” In the below example, since Ask AI was accessed from the Literature Search module page, the corresponding link is provided.

After typing in your question and selecting “Ask” or hitting Enter on your keyboard, the chat bot will begin generating an answer below and cite it's sources on the right hand side. You can stop the generated answer anytime by selecting “Stop” in place of where the “Ask” button was.

If the given answer does not satisfy the question asked, clicking on the sources will take you to the corresponding wiki pages for further information. If you are still unable to find the answer, you can select “Get Human Support” at the bottom to email our support team for help.

Once you close or click out of the Ask AI modal, previous chat history is not maintained. When you click back in, you can ask questions from scratch.

This chat bot is intended to be a helpful tool to allow users to more easily access support and training materials as needed and is as accurate as possible since it is citing our wiki materials only. Let us know if you come across any errors by emailing, it's much appreciated!

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