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Nest Backups

Nest Backups allow you (an admin) to save a version of your nest at a certain date and time. This back up can be restored any time, creating an editable nest copy and contains all the work saved in the nest at that point before changes were made.

Saving a Backup

Navigate to Settings and scroll to the “Nest Backups.” Click “Save a backup” to save a backup of your nest at the present time. Backups can only be saved manually this way. This backup will only contain work up to the point the backup was saved, and any changes to the nest after saving a backup will not be reflected in the nest backup.

Once a backup is saved, the date & time, total number of records, and included records will be shown. You can edit the Backup Name using the pencil icon.

You can only save a backup at the present time. You cannot save a backup from a past date.

Restoring a Copy

A saved backup will remain in the list in Settings until deleted.

Take care when deleting a backup, because this action cannot be undone. Deleting a backup removes your ability to make a copy of that saved nest.

To restore the backup and create a copy of this saved nest, click “Restore Copy.”

This action is the same as making a nest copy. You will see a modal to name your copy, upon clicking “Create” you will be automatically taken to this new nest copy and the nest will show up in your AutoLit menu.

When should you save a Nest Backup?

Like in any project, it is recommended you save a backup before taking any major changes to your nest. This could be before:

  • Any major changes in Settings (e.g. Screening modes)
  • Applying a bulk action (especially if you are unsure if this action is reversible)
  • Any type of deletion (search, exclusion reasons, tags etc.)
  • Any fundamental changes to your project (altering the tag hierarchy, general study design)

Alternatively, nest backups can be useful to save periodically as a “just in case,” and not for a particular reason!

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