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Any nest that you create, as well as any nest that is shared with you or your organization, will be listed on your Nests Home page. This should be the access point for building and editing nests in Nested Knowledge!

To navigate to Nests, go to the Nested Knowledge homepage.

From there, once you have Signed In, you should see a Nests button in the upper right. This will be durable throughout any page in AutoLit.

Alternatively, enter in your browser.

Manage Nests

Once on the Nests page, your primary activity will be to access and organize nests. You may access the AutoLit and Synthesis portions of nests from this page.

Create & Access Nests

  • To learn how to create a nest, see here.
  • To learn how to use our Demo nests to practice, see here.
  • To access an existing nest, select it from the list of Nests, or use the Search bar.

Nests are ordered by most recent access and columns provide nest names, owners, numbers of records, records included, nest creation date and access date information:

Simply hover over and select a nest to access it.

Organize Nests

Additional Pages

From Nests, you can directly access:

  • Feature Requests: Select the Feature Requests button in the bottom right, which will direct you to our public feature-suggestion and bug-report page.
  • Support: Select the Support button in the bottom left, which will direct you to a page with multiple options to contact our Support Team.

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