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Dual MA Extraction

Dual MA Extraction is a quality-controlled extraction process, where two users independently extract meta-analytical data from each article, and then all data are adjudicated by an Administrator.

The Admin adjudicates any disagreement between Reviewer A and Reviewer B and sets the final determination for each study. For example, if Reviewer A extracts the mean age as 70 but Reviewer B extracts it as 71, the Adjudicator will then need to choose between those values and identify the correct one.

Only those with Admin privileges can serve as Adjudicators, but any user can serve as a Reviewer.

This feature is useful to ensure that your team curates the most accurate and high quality data possible. Dual MA extraction can help with this since it has been shown that dual extraction results in fewer errors than single extraction. (source)

Configure Dual MA Extraction

To configure dual MA extraction, go to the Settings page under Nest Home and then scroll to the Extraction section. Then, select dual extraction to turn this feature on.

Warning: Toggling back from Dual MA Extraction to Standard MA Extraction will ONLY save final adjudications, and all data associated with non-final individual users' extractions will be lost!

Dual MA Extraction Steps

1. Two users must independently extract the meta-analytical data.

Once Dual MA Extraction is configured (see above), the software will automatically queue individual studies to users until at least two MA Extractions are Marked Complete.

If you need help with the MA Extraction process, check out this page. Each study will appear in the Adjudicate Extraction queue only after two independent MA extractions are Marked Complete.

Unlike Standard (single) Extraction, when a user is finished extracting in Dual mode, the data are NOT displayed on Synthesis. In Dual MA Extraction, data are queued for Adjudication, and displayed on Synthesis only after Adjudication on the study in question is Marked Complete.

2. Adjudicate the meta-analytical data

Go to the Adjudicate MA Extraction page to review the data extracted by the two independent, underlying users. At first the page will appear the same as the Dual MA Extraction page. To view the two independent decisions, click the three column icon at the bottom to expand the panel. You can also use the arrows to manually expand/shrink the panel size.

This will display three columns: Reviewer A, Reviewer B, and Final. The adjudicator will put the correct data in the Final column, adjudicating differences between the reviewers. Disagreements between reviewers are highlighted in red. The adjudicator can choose to input the same data as either of the reviewers or neither of them if they were both wrong. To enter in data, hit the plus sign and fill in the cells. You may use the arrows icon to toggle between viewing reviewer decisions and the study. When done, to move on to the next study, hit Complete in the top right corner.

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