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Edit References

All information in a reference can be edited from Study Inspector or within each module.

If you are already on the reference of interest, simply go to the Abstract tab.

If you are searching for the record you need to edit, the best way to search is from Inspector.

2. Click the Edit button

The button is found at the lower right of the reference information. Edit button in Study Inspector or modules

3. Add, remove, or modify the information.

In the modal that appears, any Bibliographic Data can be changed by typing in the relevant field.

Changing Author Order

Author order can be modified using the buttons to the right (red box in the image below).

  • Authors can be reordered using the arrows to the side.
  • Authors can be removed using the minus button next to the author's name.
  • Authors can be added below any existing author using the plus button next to the existing author's name.

Author order can be changed with the buttons to the right

4. Click Save

The save button is found at the bottom of the Edit Metadata window (purple box in the image above).

When completed, you can open the Bibliographic Fields drop-down to review and confirm that the bibliographic data is correct and complete!

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