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Policy Exception Policy


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that exceptions to security policies are documented and approved through an exception process.


This policy applies to all published Nested Knowledge information security policies. Employees and contractors must abide by this exception process.


An exception to an information security policy may be granted in the following cases:

  • The implicated system does not have the capacity to comply with the relevant security standard.
  • Immediate compliance would disrupt critical business
  • A more secure or superior solution exists
  • Compliance would adversely affect business operations
  • A lawsuit or investigation requires exception to the relevant security policy.
  • Compliance would cause a major adverse financial loss
  • An emergency situation requires violation of the relevant security policy.

To Request an Exception:

Email or slack the information security team to request an exception. You request must contain the following information:

  • Your name
  • The implicated policy.
  • The device or application affected by the request.
  • Data classification category of the associated systems.
  • The rationale for non-compliance with the policy.
  • Duration of non-compliance expected.
  • Assessment of risks.
  • Controls in place to mitigate risks.

Example Exception Request

Steve would like to share Carl's Pizza Planet Account to order Pies for after-hour work events. This violates our access control policy, which Steve is well-acquainted with, as he pays close attention during annual trainings. Steve's request might look like the following:

  • Request: I would like share access to Carl's Pizza Planet online account.
  • Policy: I'm attaching the access control policy:
  • Device/Application: Carl's account on the Pizza Planet web application, accessible at the website:
  • Rationale: Pizza Planet only permits one account per each business credit card.
  • Duration: Four - Six months.
  • Risk: Passwords shared online may be intercepted, compromising Carl's account and our business credit card information.
  • Mitigation: To limit risks, credentials will be shared face-to-face verbally. We will change the account password every 6-8 weeks.


Policy exception requests will be reviewed monthly or as they occur.

Revision History

AuthorDate of Revision/ReviewComments/Description
K. Cowie02/07/2023Draft Completed

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