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Sustainability and Environment


As a fully remote company, delivering a cloud-based service, Nested Knowledge reduces CO2 emissions by eliminating commutes, utilities, office space, and paper use.

Sustainability Practices

  • We eliminate the need for excess print documents by enabling users to collaborate on research online.
  • We use cloud-based, electronic methods to distribute software and documentation to reduce our consumption of natural resources.
  • We employ online communication tools to limit road and air miles traveled.
  • We purchase virtual professional services, supporting other remote service providers.


We are committed to maintaining and improving our sustainability practices, and leading our users to adopt paper-free, global, collaborative, cloud-based literature reviews.

Revision History

AuthorDate of Revision/ReviewComments/Description
K. Cowie01/31/2023Created
K. Holub01/31/2023Reviewed

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