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Export RIS Files

How to Export a RIS File

RIS Export is meant to enable you to create a bibliographic/library file containing the metadata for records from the nest. The resulting download should be compatible with conventional reference managers (e.g. Zotero).

1. Go to Study Inspector

To enable you to export any subset of studies' bibliographic information, we have placed the Download RIS Export function in Study Inspector.

2. Filter to the desired studies

Apply the filters that narrow the set of studies to those you want to export. Note that, without any filters, you will export the bibliographic information for all studies, including excluded studies.

3. Select "RIS Export"

Only after you have applied the desired filters should you select the “Download” button in the upper right.

Once you have selected “Download,” a modal will open, in which RIS Export should already be automatically selected. Select the “Download” option in the bottom right of the modal, and your RIS File should begin downloading!

Note: the Ref ID of each record will also be exported within the RIS file format. This is the number assigned to each record in the order it was uploaded to the nest.

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